Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Ed Borowski Zone! and

The inspiration for this "Blog" (Central Oregon Chess Journal) comes from my good friend Ed Borowski. Please feel free to visit his blog at: and you can check out some of his games, but not all of them, at and feel free to visit his excellent site
------------------------------------ENJOY & CHEERS! -SEAN.


Mikhail Shur Simul February 8th 2003.

Greetings there...

This is going to be the type of Blog where anyone can post their views on CENTRAL OREGON CHESS. But please stay on track and remain topical as this is a blog about 1. CHESS 2. CENTRAL OREGON CHESS 3. EVENTS GOING ON IN THE CHESS WORLD 4. CHESS COMPUTERS and 5. CHESS CLUBS. If chess does not interest you then this is not your blog baby!

Once again, WELCOME!
- MR. Theory of Bend OR.