Saturday, May 15, 2010

Derren Brown versus Nine Chess Players!

The ultimate "con-man" tricks 9 chess players in a dual of wits. All "above board" and extremely funny! Enjoy this amazing competition by viewing the embedded link given down below:

You may want to watch this first before sharing it with your young chess player - if indeed you do have a young chess player in your family - just to make sure that you find to be it agreeable viewing. He - Derren Brown - does say one word that may not agree with all parents - of course it is the context of the "pooh-ness" of his play that he used this particularly unagreeable word.

Unacceptable to some people perhaps but for most folks they are not greatly offended by this word - especially in the context that it was used here. Once again the "Shhhhh! hit me again with that be quiet sign" was uttered at one point during the video - as a comment upon his grade of play before starting the competition. This is an otherwise excellent and entertaining event for viewing - but as stated before you should vet this one out before allowing your child to view this particular video. Watching it together will give both of you a laugh though - especially once he explains how he tricked all of the GMs, IMs and FIDE Masters that he played!

If you don't have children then ... you don't have to worry about that one at all!