Friday, October 21, 2011

Kramnik Express rolls on...

In the "old" days strong chess players would sometimes try to figure out what potential score they could make by assuming the games that they would play as white would be wins and that the games they had as Black would be draws. Some players would entertain such notions before the first round of an event just as a kind of pre-game warm up. Since the impact of strong chess playing engines has totally rewritten the rules to opening preparation we now see Black easily equalizing in certain lines. With top notch opening prep we see the top players overcome and defeat less well prepared opponents. But Kramnik 2.0 seems able to depend upon winning with White and drawing with the Black pieces which is quite an accomplishment in this brave new world of modern chess!

At +3 and =3 Kramnik's live chess rating has gone up from 2791 to 2797.8!

Former World Chess Champion Kramnik is getting ready to jump back across the historic 2800 threshold! We could end up with four players rated over 2800 - a first in the history of chess. Now some people will say "Ratings inflation" but I will say that it all boils down to the dedication, creativity and hard work of these four outstanding individuals. Obviously the computers have allowed the most talented players - and by talent I also mean their ability to work hard - to excel with tools that their predecessors could only dream about.

If Kramnik can win his final round game at the 15th Unive tournament he will be right on the brink of falling over that 2800 finish line. A hard race that I can only begin imagine as it is the culmination of every year that Kramnik has been playing chess! Having said that though I have to point out that the last two players I cheered for ended up losing their last round games. Do I dare sabotage Kramnik? Hopefully he can win or draw this last round game as this would potentially set up an amazing 4 player 2800 club level tournament. Organizers please line up! That would be something for the entire chess world to rejoice about!

Make it a great day! - Chess Coach Sean Tobin.


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