Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Chess is a lot like a 7 X 7 X 7 V-cube... in terms of complexity!

Okay... this is wild, "check" this out!

Recently I have become quite fascinated by the various Rubik's cubes (3 X 3 X 3, 4 X 4 X 4 and etc.,) and the "spin-off" brands as well. These puzzles are amazing. The shame of it is - for me personally - was I had zero interest in the Rubik's cube I had been given way back in 1980. Wish I still had that one - that was the summer when "cube craze" touched down in the US! It turns out that "Cubers" are their own unique sub-culture... just like chess players are. I'll never be a speed solver but once I master it I will put up a video of it here on my blog! Till then enjoy the above animated 7 X 7 X 7 V-Cube assembly. - Mr_Theory.