Thursday, March 31, 2011

Of "PONIES" and "KNOBBIES" - Those non chess players say the darnedest things!

Of "PONIES" and "KNOBBIES" - Those non chess players say the darnedest things!

So yesterday I went into a bank before heading over to my first of two chess club meetings yesterday. I had the morning off as that first school chess club is in the Paradise Valley District and this is their week off for Spring Break. But anyways I had two of three clubs still "on" for my Wednesday schedule... while in the bank the teller asked me "So what do you do?" - an innocent enough question. What I do - I absolutely love doing. So I decided to share with her what it is that I do - "I teach young people and adults how to play chess." Watch out chess world - now the "PONIES" and "KNOBBIES" make their debut!

She began to ask about where I did that - in what locations - and I explained and I even pointed out to her that the "CHESS EMPORIUM" - where I work as of this moment - is just right around the corner from her Bank's location. She inquired about lessons and I told her about the wide range of options she has available at the Emporium. She then explained that she loved to play chess but that she did not know very much about the game... "What do you call those things in the front... the knobbies?" I almost choked. But it got better! "No..." I said politely as I could "...those are pawns." She then said that she knew how to move the "ponies". In case you need help in figuring out what a "pony" is it is a knight! Ponies and Knobbies - I have never ever heard anyone call them by those names ever before. Ever.

So this encounter was still rolling around in my head - all day! By the time my second chess club started I was still chuckling about it. During my lesson with my youngsters I stopped mid way through explaining a tactic to them to tell them the story of the "knobbies and ponies". Oh boy - did they ever laugh to beat a band! That was terrific... by the end of the story though I had to tell my boys and girls that I don't want them to ever, ever refer to the Knights and pawns as "knobbies and ponies". They laughed even harder!

Now I know what to say while trash talking during a blitz game... "Hey, could you please move one of your knobbies or ponies, please?". That will most assuredly distract some of my opponents! Some of them may even laugh!

Make it a great day - Chess Coach Sean Tobin.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Viktor Korchnoi - Living legend turned 80 years young this past March 23rd, 2011!~

There are many things I could say about Viktor Korchnoi... I could talk about any one of his many amazing chess games that he has played, his competitive chess spirit or his matches with Karpov back in the 70's and 80's. I could go on about him really - but best you experience the VIKTOR KORCHNOI EXPERIENCE - first hand. Enjoy these videos care of YOUTUBE.