Wednesday, January 18, 2012


White to play... and checkmate in 8 moves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


...that I found in the book "PLAYING CHESS" by Bob Wade, published by The Macmillan Chess Library back in 1984. The actual position was with the King on b1 - to make it just even that much more complicated! If you have access to this wonderful book the puzzle is originally featured on page 101 under the 5th chapter of "HUMAN FACTORS".

Enjoy! - Chess Coach Sean Tobin.


Blogger Dustin said...

Here is what I see...

1) Black's King has No Escape Squares!
2) Black's Bishop is Blocked by the His King.
3) Black's Rook is doing Nothing, Right Now.
4) Black's Pawns, if given the Chance to Promote, can WIN!!!
5) Black's Pieces Right Now are in a Stalemate Position, so White's First Move MUST give Black a Move.
6) If White can get a Queen, and Manuever it to C1 (the Dream) that would be Checkmate!

So... With this in Mind, My Only Real Option, as White, without Immediate Sacrifice (which I consider 1st) is: 1. Kd3, then Kb1 (Forced), 2. e6 (My dream of Queening), b2+ (the other option of going Back & Forth with the King isn't Good - Doesn't advance Black's Cause), 3. Kd2+ (Discovered), Rook Block, 4. BxR# Checkmate!

Are you SURE this is an 8 Move Solution???

8:22 AM  
Blogger Mr_Theory said...


Nice try my friend! However I must point out that Black can move his Bishop out once the King goes to b1... which changes your solution! That is not the correct solution though... do folks need a hint?

Hint: I didn't solve it the first time I looked at it either! Okay - not much of a hint but I will give a real one in a day or two if everyone is still stumped.

- Chess Coach Sean.

1:01 PM  
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